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Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

*Client list is closed* New clients will be waitlisted

Dogs stay in a climate controlled building overnight. Dogs get plenty of exercise and attention daily and their day is structured specifically to each dog and each day. Daycare group play is included for all dogs boarding or VIP play/walk daily if they are not suitable for daycare. Boarding pickup is during AM open hours. Dogs not picked up by 10AM will be charged a daycare fee for the day. 


















What to bring:

All we ask you to bring is your own food to help keep your dogs from getting an upset stomach and keep them more comfortable. Please bag each meal or put food in small containers/bags under 30 lbs. We can provide blankets, leashes, beds and bowls. Many dogs like to have a shirt or blanket from home - please be aware that your dog may tear these up and only bring items that can fit in a normal sized washer. 


-Walk $5 each

-Individual Play/cuddle $5/day per dog

-Dental Chews $1.25 each

-Buffalo horn $4 each

-Food $2 per day per dog


-Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper, negative fecal and Bordatella vaccines

-Must be free of parasites *Please check your dog prior to boarding and get a fecal done each year*

-Regular flea and tick treatments

Rates per night

1 pup                 $30

2 pup                 $40

3 pup                 $50

Pickups after 10AM- daycare fee for day. 

How to Signup
1. Make an account to sign the waiver and fill out your information. (click make account at the top of the page)

2. Send in or upload your dog's vaccines to your account. Email records to or select upload documents on your account. Vaccinations required- Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella and negative fecal need to show on the vaccine record sent in!

3. Text 641-895-3797 to set up an eval night. Please plan ahead and schedule your eval before an emergency or the week of your trip. Evals are good for 6 months.

How can I contact you?

Send us a message on our Facebook page or text for your quickest reply. You can also call 641-895-3797 and leave a message if there is no answer-We prefer messaging as we may be outside playing with daycare or otherwise unable to answer calls.


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