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FAQ Training

Nali testing out the new A frame 🏔️🐾 Also looking for interest in memberships? This woul

What is included in the board and train?

During board and train dogs get a solid start on their training and work on problem areas, training packet included for go home and 3 follow up lessons. Now included is e-collar, place cot and long line. Items taught include: sit, down, stay, come, walking on a loose lead, no jumping, impulse control, place command, crate training, leave it, body handling, proper socialization and confidence building. For the behavioral board and train we can work on issues such as- dog aggression, human aggression, fearfulness, submissive peeing, pottying in the crate, separation anxiety etc.

Can you do in-home potty training for young puppies?

We cannot do in-home potty training, there is a blog page explaining how to potty train your dog but as of right now we only rent the house and cannot be up every 20 minutes or overnight to let out puppies that are under 3 months and unable to hold their pee. Puppies that young cannot be out around the rest of the dogs and need to be making connections with you at home.


How do I get ahold of you to sign up for classes?

Send us a text message  or email for your quickest reply. We prefer messaging as we may be outside with daycare or otherwise unable to answer calls.

How do I sign up for board and train?

Board and train applications are put up under the "training" tab in December for the year. We have a limited amount we can take in. Fill out the application and you will be sent an email within 48 hours. If you do not get an email, message us. We set up board and trains by first come first serve. Those who have made an application will be placed on a list and we will go over dates when we are near their name on the list. 


What does my dog need for training and what should I choose?

All dogs need vaccination records showing current ~age appropriate~ Rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella and signed waiver. Any dogs staying on property for daytrain or board and train will also need a yearly negative fecal. Any training collars or leads can be bought and fitted in class. Dogs staying for board and train will need food in small baggies or hard containers. Private lessons are great to start with for us to teach your dog and you without the distraction of others if you are unsure how your dog will react around other people and dogs. 

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