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FAQ Boarding


How often does my dog get out while boarding?

Boarding dogs get rotated out multiple times a day in the fenced in areas. Boarders are included in the daycare groups and activities if possible, so they are rotated every hour with their group and allowed an additional extra hour break for breakfast, 2 hour nap time and dinner. When we have individuals who cannot be in groups or lower number days where we don't need 2 groups rotating, dogs can be out AM to potty, up for breakfast for an hour, out to play 1-3 hours, up for nap times, out PM 1-3 hours, up for dinner 1 hour then out for last potty. It is dependent on weather, amount of dogs and group temperaments.

What if I don't want my dog out with other dogs?

Your dog does not have to be out with other dogs, they can do individual play times, walks or cuddle times are included during the stay and they will rotate out in the fenced in areas alone or only with their family group.


What are the hours for boarding drop offs and pickups?

Drop off/pickup times for boarding are made by appointment between 

7-10AM, 3-6:30PM M-F

8-10AM, 4-6:30PM Saturday and Sunday

If you choose to pick up early or mid-stay while boarding there are no refunds for the days not used, as we had the rooms reserved for you.

Can you bathe my dog before it goes home? And are there any extra things I can do to keep my dog comfortable while it stays?

Yes we can bathe and trim your dogs nails before it goes home as long as we know ahead of time. They can also get dental chews and buffalo horns for in their kennels and extra walks, cuddle times or individual playtimes added on.


What do I need to bring and how do I get set up for boarding?

All dogs need vaccination records sent in before they stay showing current ~age appropriate~ Rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella, yearly negative fecal and signed waiver signed online by making an account or on paper. Dogs must have done a one night eval prior to boarding for an extended time. Please bring food for your dog in small individual baggies or in large hard containers. Do not bring in bags of food over 30lbs. Any bedding must be able to fit in a normal washer or it will not be used. 


How do I fill out an application for daycare or boarding and sign the waiver?

You can fill out the info online by creating a login by clicking "Login or Make an account" at the top of the page. The daycare and boarding application can also be printed out from the "Kennel Policies" page.


How can I contact you?

Text 641-895-3797 -We prefer messaging as we may be outside playing with daycare or otherwise unable to answer calls.

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